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Meet Angela & Greg

Angela and Greg Ashton operate their balloons for fun, travel and to bring happiness and joy to everyone they meet. Ballooning is a family affair and we are usually crewed by our kids, grandkids, and friends. Many people who go for rides end up wanting to be on our crew. Check out the gallery at the bottom of the homepage to see pictures of our many adventures!

Montie the Black Sheep is a very special little (large) guy that we purchased from a friend in Brazil. He is available to travel anywhere in the world and is a crowd favorite. Most notable are his collectible stuffies that we sell as a kid sized replica of Montie.  Montie is a Special Shaped Hot air balloon and rides are available in him for a premium price.

Mimi’s Prayer is the balloon we bought to give rides to people and there is a huge demand in the Treasure Valley.

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Angela & Greg

Here is our schedule for events in 2023

Special Event Dates

Come visit us on these dates for a chance to share in our joyous adventures and maybe even consider becoming a part of our ballooning family. Explore our gallery on the homepage to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary moments we’ve shared. We can’t wait to make your next event truly special!

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Event Dates

August 31 – September 3 Boise, Idaho. Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic

September 8-10 Reno, Nevada. Great Reno Balloon Race.

October 12-14 Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

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